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Naked Sacred Earth Poems, by La Tigresa (Dona Nieto) is AVAILABLE NOW from Regent Press.

Click HERE to get your copy

The first one hundred people to pre-order "Naked Sacred Earth Poems" will receive a signed, numbered copy of the author's special first edition!

Feb 3, 2011, BOOK LAUNCH PARTY, BEAT MUSEUM La Tigresa is thrilled to announce that the gala book launch party for her new book, "NAKED SACRED EARTH POEMS," (Regent Press) will be held at the Beat Museum, 540 Broadway (between the Condor and Enrique's) on Feb 3 - the lunar new year. Festivities will begin at 8pm, there will be special guests (including other authors from Regent Press) and live performance and book signing by La Tigresa. Food, wine, fun, music and great beat poetry. You can't beat that - be there or be square! (For more info, please call Regent Press: 510-845-1196. ABOUT THE BOOK This is a collection of passionate poems about nature that will inundate your senses like "the perfume of a pure exquisite flower." This is poetry that reaches out from the page to touch you. This is poetry for lovers and for earth lovers. The moon becomes an intimate companion in these poems, and both the pain and rapture of Mother Nature are revealed with such depth and texture that the reader may feel that he or she has just made love with the Great Goddess and come away renewed.

"In its passionate embrace of sensuality and society, the poetry of La Tigresa (Dona Nieto) purrs and growls, but rarely meows. This wayward, sometimes reckless writer knows what she's doing as she plugs touch back into every page -- along with voice, heart, gut, and every other sense. Ardent and strident, spiritual and casual by turns, La Tigresa celebrates the body electric and the body politic with sheer pleasure, devotion, intuition and wit. In her stand-up presence, under her spell, you smile, recognizing the underlying question that drives these poems in which corporate and human agendas collide. "Your money or your life?" a mugger once asked radio comedian Jack Benny. "I'm thinking, I'm thinking!" was Benny's slow response. Playfully, meaningfully, La Tigresa's poetry rejoins feeling with thought in a vernacular lyricism that is anything but cool, complacent or calming."
Al Young
Poet Laureate of California, Emeritus

"What gives this book of La Tigresa (Dona Nieto) its real power of adventure comes with the genuine relationship the Tigress has with nature's gifts: with insects, rocks and the moon. I've never read a poet who could evoke so much from an encounter with a butterfly! Yes, it is sexual energy that propels her forward in words in search of realizing the juiciness of this life in herself and others. But human nature, that great teacher of the human animal, guides that propulsion to the affirmation of the wide range of lovers -- including even a butterfly -- that she provides for everyone with a charm that is unforgettable."
Jack Hirschman
Poet Laureate of San Francisco, Emeritus


Dona Nieto (born Donna Sue Scissors, aka La Tigresa) made international headlines in the fall of 2000 when she blockaded logging trucks with bare-breasted recitals of her poem, "I Am The Goddess," putting her body on the line in the struggle to save California's ancient redwoods. A Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan, she did graduate work in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University, and received a Writer-in-Residence grant from the Hedgebrook Farms Foundation for Women Writers. Her writing has been featured on NPR and in The San Francisco Chronicle, and her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. As a spoken word artist she has opened for Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gary Snyder and is a frequent headliner at poetry events in the San Francisco Bay Area. The documentary film about her forest activism, Striptease to Save the Tress, created a stir at Sundance 2002, and can be seen by clicking "Watch" on her website, www.LaTigresa.net. Some of the poems in this book are presented with jazz accompaniment on the CD, Naked Sacred Spoken Word, also available on her website. She lives on a houseboat in Sausalito, California.