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Copyright 2000 La Tigresa (Donna Sue Scissors)

I am the Goddess
and I speak now from the mouth of all women.
I am the Earth, the cradle of creation.
In the creases of My inner thighs lies your salvation;
Get down on your knees and worship Me.
Lay your face against the soft moss in the valley between My legs.
Abandon your clothes by the riverside and stretch your naked body along My sandy bank.
Press your full length against My yielding ground.
Dip your head into My cool green waters and sip 'til you are full.
If you cannot find a river that is clean enough to drink.....
If You Cannot Find A River That is Clean Enough To Drink
Then stop! And think.
Then please, stop and think!
Abandon your way of life and search your memory for a way to receive what I offer you freely.
The most ancient name for God in the Hebrew language is "El Shaddai".
It means "The Mountain-Breasted One"
Before you invented God you remembered Me.

Every particle of your being has been brought forth from the fiber of My body.
Your muscles are made of proteins from the plants that grow in the soil you trample under foot without a thought.
You have covered My naked, sacred body with a garment of cement.
I feel restricted; I cannot dance and undulate my rippling torso where I have been paved over, deforested, wrapped in plastic.
Uncover Me.
Oh baby, take off My clothes,
Remove these garments that mock My beauty;
That hide My face and bind My body;
Peel back the layers of what you call progress --
I am so much more beautiful naked than clothed,
And these clothes you have dressed Me in are choking My life.
Take them off, beloved, and delight in My clean flesh once again.
Make love to Me naked in the sunlight.
Suck any strawberry.
Let your lips feel the taste of its kiss.
There is nothing more important than this:
You must eat My sacred flesh if you would live,
And My body must be whole so I can give.
Stand before Me; feel your feet planted in My moist soil.
Feel the roots shoot from the bottom of your feet
to the mud and the heat,
way down deep below.
See how the legs of any woman are the pillars of a temple,
Growing up like redwoods from their roots below the ground.
Worship Me in that temple.
Worship Me Now!

copyright 1999 La Tigresa, All rights reserved.