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Get informed. Get involved. Get off your tush.


Here are some websites where you can learn more about current issues and find out what you can do to help!


www.earthfilms.org - Award-winning documentary filmmakers have dozens of films on issues ranging from forests to nuclear disarmament. Film clips streaming on the website. Watch "Striptease to Save the Trees" – the 8 minute documentary about La Tigresa confronting loggers with bare-breasted Goddess poetry on this site.


www.wildcalifornia.org - Website of E.P.I.C. the primary environmental organization of Northern California, located in the heart of the redwoods.


www.headwaterspreserve.org - Up-to-the-minute action alerts for forest preservation.


www.SherryGlaser.net - Sherry is a world-class activist and performer who leads anti-war demonstrations in Washington, D.C., stars in off-Broadway shows, and works with a group called Breasts Not Bombs. She directed and produced La Tigresa's one-woman show, and her own shows, Oh My Goddess and Family Secrets, have won numerous awards in New York and Los Angeles.


www.WorldWildlifeFund.org - Join WWF and help save endangered species! FREE CD OFFER! If you join WWF and donate to their "Adopt a Tiger" program, La Tigresa will send you a free copy of her CD, Naked Sacred Spoken Word.  Such a deal! What're you waiting for? To take advantage of this offer, simply forward La Tigresa the confirmation email you receive from WWF when you have adopted your tiger. La Tigresa's email address is: donnanieto@gmail.com.